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Don't forget to add the font files('Pe-icon7-stroke.eot','Pe-icon-7-stroke.svg','Pe-icon-7-stroke.ttf','Pe-icon-7-stroke.woff') in "/Fonts/"

If you want to add the new icons to the navbar just change this code from your navbar:
<li><a href="#">Account</a></li>

With this one:

<li> <a href="#"> <i class="pe-7s-user"></i> <p>Account</p> </a> </li>

If you want to add a small badge, like the one that we have in our current navbar at "Messages" button, add this code:

<li> <a href="#"> <i class="pe-7s-user"> <span class="label"> 23 </span> </i> <p>Account</p> </a> </li>

Besides the default navbar, we added 5 new colors: blue, azzure, green, orange, red. If you want to use one of them, you have to replace the 'navbar-default' with the class for the chosen color 'navbr-ct-{color}'.